Resorting to Danger!

Game #

Dossier #2

Written by

Anne Collins
Robert Riedl

Directed by

Tim Burke


Matt Shimkus
Amy Broomhall
Mark Waldstein
Adrienne MacIain
Samara Lerman


August 25, 2009

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Lights, Camera, Curses!

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Ship of Shadows! (unrelesed)

Resorting to Danger! is the second and final game in the Nancy Drew Dossier series. It was promoted with a microsite.


The Redondo, a luxurious spa in California, has been having BOMBS blow up all around the place lately! The manager, Nick Bleski, asks Nancy to investigate.


Nick BleskiEdit

Nick is the manager of the Redondo.

Cassidy JonesEdit

Cassidy is the receptionist.

Jasmine IvyEdit

Jasmine is the actress who is staying in the Redondo's suite.

Helfdan HelgasonEdit

Helfdan is the Redondo's biochemist whose job is make beauty products.

Mrs. Sunny Joy MontagueEdit

Mrs. Montague is a wealthy client at the spa.

Joanna BrownEdit

Joanna is the janitor.