Professor Beatrice Gertrude Winifred Hotchkiss is a scholar of French history. She has her very own website.

Biography Edit

Treasure in the Royal Tower Edit

In 2001, Professor Hotchkiss stays at Wickford Castle in Butter Ridge, Wisconsin. After Marie Antoinette's emerald medallion is stolen from her room, she is afraid even to open her door for anyone. She spends all day typing up her "theory". After Nancy helps her by giving information, she lets her look around her room by giving Nancy her extra passkey. Nancy can also find her book on Marie Antoinette, Purple Hearted Queen, in the castle's library. When Nancy finds Marie Antoinette's hidden journal, she gives it to the Professor, who excitedly proclaims that she had been trying to track it down for fifteen years. She has the entire thing translated by the next morning and eventually publishes it.

Legend of the Crystal Skull Edit

In 2007, Nancy discovers Professor Hotchkiss' book The Crystal Skulls: Fact or Fable? She calls the professor to ask her questions about the skull. Even though Hotchkiss met her before, she does not remember Nancy at all. She had learned about "The Whisperer" as it had been in France (most likely through Queen Anne) and was then supposed to be brought back to the New World from which it had come in 1684 with Rene Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle. However, his crew mutinied, and the skull was left behind in North America.

Secrets Can Kill: Remastered Edit

In the library search engine, along with Purple Hearted Queen and The Crystal Skulls: Fact or Fable?, it says she wrote The College Survey of English Literature.

Tomb of the Lost Queen Edit

In 2012, Hotchkiss sent Nancy a signed copy of her new book, Lost Queens of Egypt. Apparently her interest in queens diverted to Egypt (she explains that her fascination with Egyptian royalty began at the Sistine Chapel of Egypt). Nancy can call her and they can help each other out with information. At the end of the game, Hotchkiss republishes the book with new information about Nefertari discovered by Nancy. Nancy says in her ending letter to Hannah that she's looking forward to Hotchkiss taking her off speed dial.

Trivia Edit

  • She can never remember Nancy's name, instead calling her everything from Candy to Fanny to Mandy.
  • She has a cat named Mr. Jingles.
  • She is the author of at least three books: Purple Hearted Queen, The Crystal Skulls: Fact or Fable? and The Lost Queens of Egypt Volumes 1 and 2. She also translated and published Marie Antoinette's journal.
  • She has a great fondness for food, often thinking about what she would like to eat and getting quite excited about it.
  • She graduated from Waverly Academy in New York in 1962.[1]

Books Edit

  • The Purple-Hearted Queen
  • Unconstanting Tryant: The Lost Diary of Marie Antionette
  • The Crystal Skulls: Fact or Fable
  • The College Survey of English Literature
  • The Lost Queens of Egypt
    • The Lost Queens of Egypt II: Including the founding of Nefertari's Tomb

Quotes Edit

  • "Well I don't HAVE a menu! ... At least not from this hotel." - Hotchkiss (through a door) to Nancy in Treasure in the Royal Tower.
  • "Your mind is like a ravenous monkey gobbling up every banana in its path!"
  • "Oh yes, you! You were the delightful young lady dolling out the samples in the tasting room at that cheese factory! Yum yum!" - One would think Hotchkiss would remember the girl who made her famous.
  • "I do believe that things that defy any so-called "rational" explanation happen all the time, Nessie. Now does that mean that there are mysterious external forces at work in the unverse, of which we do not and cannot have knowledge of? Or does it all boil down to us? If the human heart desperately wants something to be true, does the human mind have the power to make it true?" - Hotchkiss's thought-provoking monologue from Legend of the Crystal Skull.
  • "The problem is that I downloaded this program called Weather Monkey. At my age it's important that I keep abreast of all meteorological developments, but now I'm starting a new book and I can't focus on my work because the Weather Monkey keeps yelling the weather at me." -Prof. Hotchkiss in Tomb of the Lost Queen talking to Nancy, thinking she is Francine, someone who works with computers.

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