Mr. Woogle Wogle is Nancy's teddy bear. He can be seen in two games and in both sets of tutorials for talking to suspects.

History Edit

Tutorial #1 Edit

Mr. Woogle Wogle is seen in the "talking to suspects" tutorial.

The White Wolf of Icicle Creek Edit

Nancy brings Mr. Woogle Wogle to Canada in 2007. He sits on Nancy's side table by the lamp.

The Phantom of Venice Edit

Nancy brings Mr. Woogle Wogle to Venice in 2008. He sits in the closet.

Alibi in Ashes Edit

In 2011, strangely, Mr. Woogle Wogle was seized when Nancy was arrested. Nancy may have taken him with her while sleuthing in the Old Town Hall.  The Amateur Sleuth blog reveals that Ned got him back for her for Valentines Day, 2012.

Tutorial #2 Edit

Starting with Sea of Darkness, there is a Tutorial on the Main Menu in which the player can find a missing package sent from Ned and interview Mr. Woogle Wogle as a suspect.

Quotes Edit

  • "Look into my eyes. Is this the face of a liar?"
  • "It's true. I used to steal cupcakes for a quick buck. But those dark times are behind me now! I'm a good bear!"
  • "Look, Nancy. You and I both know Millie the Giraffe has had it out for me for years. Can't you see she's framing me?"