Mattie Jensen plays Serena Livingstone on the soap opera Light of Our Love.

Biography Edit

Her agent is Dwayne Powers, and she is the only one who stayed with him out of loyalty when his business started failing. She also dated Rick Arlen, her costar. Dwayne and Mattie met at Beakman Theater. Her mother, Joan Jensen, sends an angry letter to Dwayne about her daughter not getting invited to a TV Celebrity party.

Stay Tuned for Danger Edit

In 1999, Mattie asks Nancy to come to New York City to investigate a series of threats that Rick has been getting. In the game she is renting Nancy's aunt, Eloise Drew's, apartment, so Mattie must know her. A letter to Dwayne from Mattie's mother can be found in his office at Powers Agency.

Message in a Haunted Mansion/Treasure in the Royal Tower Edit

A magazine with Mattie Jensen pictured can be seen in Abby's room. This is also the same magazine Lisa reads in Treasure in the Royal Tower.

The Silent Spy Edit

She is quoted on the front of a flyer for Glaucus Lodge in Scotland saying: "The rooms, the service, the food, it's first class all the way."

Filmography Edit

  • Light of Our Love

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