Joseph Hughes is the caretaker of the Royal Palladium theater in St. Louis.

The Final SceneEdit

In 2001, The Royal Palladium's demolition is planned. Having worked there for many years, Joseph is heartbroken at the announcement. Joseph kidnaps Maya Nguyen and holds her for the theater's ransom.

The original plan was to kidnap Brady Armstrong so that Simone Mueller could save the theater using her Hollywood connections, but instead Maya walked into the room, and Joseph panicked and instead kidnapped her.

After the theater's demolition, Joseph had planned to move to Greasewood, Arizona, where his brother Jake was. However, Joseph got a letter from Jake's lawyer revealing Jake had died six months prior. The lawyer did not know that Jake even had a brother, possibly suggesting Jake and Joseph were estranged.

Throughout the game, the kidnapping spirals out of Joseph's control due to the police believing Maya was not in the theater and Simone's publicity stunts (that he had no relation to). Nancy noted that, despite the complications, Joseph was still nice to Maya during her captivity.