Henrik van der Hune is the epigrapher (glyph specialist) at the Beech Hill Museum. He was 61 1/2 in 2002, meaning he was born in 1940.

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Secret of the Scarlet Hand Edit

Henrik used to work at the Chaco Canyon Cultural Center, but when Beech Hill Museum obtained the monolith, he excitedly went to work there in 2002. Henrik had gone on a trip in the 70s with Taylor Sinclair, when they heard about the legend of the Whisperer. Through translating the monolith, Henrik eventually finds out that the Whisperer must be inside it. He steals the Pacal carving to protect it from Taylor, but then falls down the pyramid temple at the museum and gets amnesia.

Through memory therapy, Nancy is eventually able to find out about his plot and gather the remaining keys to the monolith to get to its treasure before Taylor does first.

Henrik was in a smuggling racket to pay off his college tuition.

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  • In the library search engine of Paseo del Mar, Henrik's book Searching for Answers can be found.

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