Hannah Gruen is Nancy's housekeeper. Nancy's father, Carson Drew, hired her after Nancy's mother, Kate Drew, died so that Nancy would have a mother figure growing up. Nancy and Hannah are very close. 

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Stay Tuned for Danger Edit

Hannah fills Ned in on the case, and later sends Nancy a videotape of a Rick Arlen interview.

Message in a Haunted Mansion Edit

In the only game Hannah is available to talk to, Hannah talks with Nancy about the various events and characters in the game. She also gives a bit of backstory to Rose and Abby.

The Haunted Carousel / Danger on Deception Island Edit

In these two games, Hannah sends Nancy e-mails throughout the game, and is heard in a voicemail in the latter game. In The Haunted Carousel, Hannah tells Nancy about Togo being depressed about losing his ball. In Danger on Deception Island, Hannah is being driven by Carson, who is at home making messes and chaos, due to the courthouse flooding.

Alibi in Ashes Edit

Hannah is visiting Aunt Eloise in New York when Nancy is arrested, and sends Nancy a package of snacks, including oranges and koko kringles bars.


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