Bill Pappas is the new producer of Light of Our Love in New York City, who was hired to improve it, after Crimson Cove started beating them in ratings. His security guard, Ralph Guardino came highly recommended, being his wife's cousin.


Stay Tuned for Danger Edit

In 1999, he calls Nancy in the middle of her case after she disarms a bomb in Rick Arlen's dressing room. Nancy interviews him about the threats Rick has been receiving. You can also hear him talking through the door.

Message in a Haunted Mansion Edit

In Louis' briefcase, there is a magazine clipping that says:

Rick Arlen: Back With a Vengeance

Soap star heartthrob, Rick Arlen, has renewed his contract with Worldwide Broadcasting but admits he had misgivings about another season with Light of Our Love. "It was a very difficult time of my life," the actor admits "There were a lot of things going down and I didn't know if it was time to move on." Rumors have persisted that Arlen had been victim of a stalker and that a teen detective named Nancy Drew was on the case. However, neither Rick nor the show's producer, William Pappas, had any comment.